Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Growing It Out

Last week i decided i would like to grow my hair out. Well cutting it off was not an option only because hub was sick of my cutting it. Yesterday Ive came to the conclusion that my hair isnt the type of hair you need to wear a weave in. Back when i was 15y/o i decided to get a weave after taking it out my hair broke off. I have to say i thought that was a one time thing so this pass march i decided to get another weave (12 yrs after the first one). Thinking maybe this one will be different but nope after taking it out major breakage!!! I cant believe it took so long for me to figure this out. The last time i cut sum of my hair was back in June, i still think i should cut off a lil more to get better growth. I decided to try "Carol Daughters" product...

 I just recently found out about this olive oil gel and i love it, im hoping they keep this product on the market.

I will let yall know how my hair is coming along...LATERS