Friday, December 2, 2011

Unemployment Compensation for Military Spouses

As most of you know I am a military spouse and so far I left 3 jobs because of orders so this made me very happy.

Last Updated: November 21, 2011
NCSL Staff Contact: Heather Morton

"Military families often face frequent moves and these moves can add unique financial pressures, as spouses may have to leave their employment due to a military transfer and the families may face a reduction in income. Generally speaking, when an individual leaves a job voluntarily, then the person is ineligible for unemployment benefits. Recognizing that spouses of military service personnel who quit their jobs due to a military transfer may not be quitting so “voluntarily,” state legislators have amended unemployment compensation laws to help military families who are relocating between states. In several states, state legislators deem it good cause if military spouses leave their employment to follow their spouses in a military relocation, and thus eligible for unemployment benefits."

NOTE:  NCSL is unable to provide advice or assistance to military members, military spouses, private citizens or businesses regarding unemployment compensation benefits.  Please contact your state department of labor or a private attorney for more information

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Monday, November 28, 2011

So almost every month i get excited about different hobbies, around this time i go crazy for getaways. I have been entering every single giveaway, sweepstakes, instant winner games and everything. Have I won anything you ask well the answer is NO. Sad huh sweet ole me can not win anything which really sucks. I WILL NOT STOP UNTIL I WILL!!! 

Check Out My Friend Blog...

Its a great blog and she has grown so much since starting it, right now she has a giveaway going on $50 gift certificate.

Friday, November 11, 2011

OMG I Cant do This!!!

Ok so as you might know ADHD and sticking to one activity is almost impossible for me. I was soooo excited about blogging, then i just got bored which happens a lot with the hobby i start rarely can i finish. Beside that the kids are great AnaMaria is doing very well in 1st grade even tho she missed the entire first month, & Stank is pretty much still naked all the time. Life in DMV is going great i have yet to go out and meet new ppl. Its just soo beautiful here all the different colors...I just had to take pictures.

Until next time....

Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's Time

We're finally leaving Cali tomorrow...def a bittersweet day. I'm really goin to miss the pacific breeze mixed wit the cali weather. I don't think we will be able to handle the heat coming our way. I looked up the temp for today for St. Louis the heat index is 101!!! How will I survive???

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Growing It Out

Last week i decided i would like to grow my hair out. Well cutting it off was not an option only because hub was sick of my cutting it. Yesterday Ive came to the conclusion that my hair isnt the type of hair you need to wear a weave in. Back when i was 15y/o i decided to get a weave after taking it out my hair broke off. I have to say i thought that was a one time thing so this pass march i decided to get another weave (12 yrs after the first one). Thinking maybe this one will be different but nope after taking it out major breakage!!! I cant believe it took so long for me to figure this out. The last time i cut sum of my hair was back in June, i still think i should cut off a lil more to get better growth. I decided to try "Carol Daughters" product...

 I just recently found out about this olive oil gel and i love it, im hoping they keep this product on the market.

I will let yall know how my hair is coming along...LATERS

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Been VERy Busy!!!

The past week has been non stop....

Monday i ran errands relaxed fa 2 seconds then off to work...until CLOSE

Tuesday the hub woke me up at 5:30 to get ready fa our drive to San Diego fa a mini soon as we got there we were off to the San Diego Zoo

                                                                   Climbing in Bamboo LOL

Petting Zoo

After finally leaving the zoo we headed to the children's art museum...

Then we go to the the San Diego Navy Base just to have a look at, it seems like when you're a military fam you take a min to check out other military bases to see how def the are compared to where you are stationed. And i def love San Diego base way better then Port Hueneme Base. Soo after leaving the base we decided to visit an old roommate. Then drive an hour to our timeshare rental in the county (my hub wanted something relaxing and out of the city)...And it def was...

The kids slept on the pull out bed and LOVED it lol, now my daughter wants a princess couch that turns int o a bed. we def slept good that night.

Now Wednesday, we woke up between 9-10 decided to have breakfast at IHOP (it was just ok nothing big) then off to SEAWORLD...

Feeding the sea lions...birds were stealing the food BAD BIRDS Lol

When hot cool off with a lil water...maybe if the kids who felt like they needed to hold the water down my kids wouldve actually got wet!!!

Had to pose with Emo & Grover 

Peek A Boo

Dolphins & Killer Whales (We wur in the soak zone Lol) 

4D Movie Awesome

Thursday we slept til 10, got dressed checked out of the suite then back to Ventura we went...My hub and i were Soooooo tired the kids Not So Much...

Then there was FRIDAY, SATURDAY, & SUNDAY (TODAY)... I worked NON STOP This Weekend!!! My feet are killing me i def need to find sum SUPER CUTE comfortable shoes becuz my feet are always in major pain during and after work. After 2 hours the shoes i wear does  my no justice!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

ADHD info

Info about ADHD I started reading but didn't finished...I figured I will add it to my blog therefore I know where to find it when I wanna finish!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

OMG Finally!!!

WE'RE MOVING (Sept2011)

Ok so we finally got his orders and it looks like we're moving to WASHINGTON D.C. Im def excited about exploring a different place, but sad that i will be leaving Cali (I love the beach and so do the kids). On the bright side there will be a beach wur we're moving but not ask close the several we live by now!!!

Unlike when we move here to Cali & lived off base in DC we def will live onbase. I always here bad thing about living onbase but i wanna discover it all for myself. "Drama find you if you allow it to" (Angel L. Escobedo) LOL . The base we decided to live on is an army base Fort Belvoir located in Northern VA but only 20mins from DC. Its very beautiful and ive only seen pics i cant wait until i see it in person. Another plus is that Ana's school is onbase.


Stank can care less what is going on but Ana keeps looking at the pros & cons. Mainly these two things below is what she has been talking about.

1. She doesnt want to leave her school here but is excited to meet new friends at the new school.
2. We have to drive across county she doesnt like that but again happy becuz she gets to she family when we stop in st. louis.


I was going to control writing but im bored right now and need to move out of this spot. It's so hard to sit here right now LATER

Monday, July 18, 2011

I Want Funnel Cake!!! (Pics)

So since ive been seeing the ihop commercial with funnel cake ive been wanting sum. But not really wanting to go to ihop to get it...So guess what i made my own, i do that a lot actually!!! I dont kno y i havent gone to culinary school becuz i love cooking. Didnt really write down the recipe but im sure i could make another and then write it down...

But i used...All Purpose Flour, Sugar, Salt, Baking Powder, Vanilla Extract, Eggs, & Milk (I only use skim milk). Im Pretty sure dats it

And Here Is The Finished Product!!! I Made Them Small (Personal Pan Pizza Size)


No Longer A SAHM!!!


OMG since my last post i have started my training and go a full schedule. Tomorrow is our VIG (very important guest) night/soft opening!!! Its goin to be great hopefully i will be able to share pictures of the awesome building. Mos def the best target building i have ever seen. The major will be cutting the ribbon at 5, the will be food, games, clown (scary lol), face painting and more. My kids r def excited about seeing whur mama works...The sad part i just started working hur and my hub orders should be coming in this week so i will be finding out when we leave exactly!!! But at the same time im soooo excited to move to the place we're relocating to!!! i def think its win win!!!


I Think the kids r takin it well that am working now, but Ana says she cried becuz i went back to work!!! Personally I think my hub made her mad and she wishes I was home. But i def got showered wit xoxo's when getting home (big wet kisses from stank).

Well im pretty tired signing off for now!!! kisses

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Things R Happening!!!

Ok maybe NOT idk, but im thinking about calling my doctor and letting him in on the fact that i have ADHD and was diagnosed in 5th grade. Def not sure what he will say (Im basically confused). Will he make me see a therapist? WHAT SHOULD I DO????? I dont have much to stay becuz im tired.....

On another note both my kids have been bitten by some type of bug, more so my daughter then my son.  I took both of them to the doctor yesterday the doctor has no clue what has been biting them but suggested benadryl and calamine lotion. Here is a picture of my daughter, she says it itches but doesnt hurt at all....What Do You Think It Is?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I Need 2 Do Sumthin!!!

Having ADHD sucks when you work at a job thats slow. Tonight was might first night of work and i almost flipped out. I was told i was getting trained but all they had me do was shadow this lady!!! OMG me just following sumone around is NOT a good thing. Every time i walked passed items i would touch them n we just walked around (BORING). I like to do things to make time go by faster. Then FINALLY they asked me to do ZONING (no term i learn for work) basically organized each section. This is when i got excited (when im, asked to do sumthing i go to the extreme) yet i also try to do thing perfect. I hope 2morrow brings MORE task so i wont go crazy!!!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Vote 4 AnaMaria!!!

Thnx so much if you vote, i wish i wouldve known i was entering a photo contest i would have picked a photo were she was really smiling lol. But hey its awesome that its in the running for this weeks fav!!!

Come vote for my child in this week's Parents Photo Faves contest!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Caylee's Law

Overview Of The Law Trying 

There should be a new law created called Caylee's Law that will make it a felony for a parent or guardian to not notify law enforcement of a child going missing in a timely manner.

Let's keep another case like Caylee Anthony out of the courts.  Contact your State Senators and Representatives

To Your Left Is A Link You Can Click To Sign-------->

Happy Sunday!!!

Didnt really feel like posting today but i felt like i had to already getting bored with blogger (thanx 2 adhd things like this happens a lot)...If u wouldve seen my face the first day u def would have seen the excitement!!! But hey im so use to it that it seems normal. Im thinking maybe i should talk to my doc about this and not wait. Maybe i should get back on meds and see if things change!!! IDK

Its A World Of MAYBE's!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Military Confuses ME!!!

So as some of you my know (and for those who have no clue). My hub is in the military, he reenlisted but has yet to receive his orders. We know for a fact that we will be moving from West Coast (So Cal) to EAST Coast (DC District). Yes BIG difference in location, i have no clue how we will adjust. I have to say im pretty use to meeting friends then having to leave. But back on to the topic ok i was told were leaving the end of august. I would think they would let use know whats up a couple months b4 hand!!!

But what if we still haven't gotten ORDERS???

I Choose 2 Live Dis Life But DAMN A Lil Heads Up Would Be Nice!!!

On the bright side we get to visit our entire family in St. Louis on the way!!!! Yayyyyyyy

What 2 Do???

Yesterday a fb friend comment on one of my blog post saying  "i like ur blog and the fact that you embrace ur ADHD". Omg I loved that comment, but in reality i dont really think i am. Well as of July 7th when i made this blog i just put it out there when most ppl prob already knew. Funny thing is i have a new doc and didnt give him any of my medical records. So he is CLUELESS, Im thinking i might have to tell him sooner r later. But whats the point i would have to look for another doc in 2 months away!!! (Moving Across The US Literally)

Should I Tell Him Now, R Just Wait Until I Find Another Doc????

Friday, July 8, 2011

What R Ur Kids??? (The Things Ppl Ask)

Many ppl just look at my kids and ask if there dad is white. I really get offered by those type of things, yes my kids (well our kids) blonde hair & blue eyes. FYI they are multiracial meaning they her mixed with so much that they are unique in every way.

The Most Crazy Question I Have Been Asked??

Q: Does Your Daughter Wear Contacts? This was asked when my daughter was 2y/o and they only child

I had sum lady come up to me telling me my kids need to wear sunglasses becuz there eyes cant take it...mind you she thought my kids were albino

I def feel like why are they worried about my kids...KEY WORD: MY not they're

Have You Even Had Someone You Know Nothing/Never Seen Try In Tell You How To Raise Your Kids Or Wanna Know Everything About Them?


Today should be a very productive day, need to run errands, clean our bathrooms, oh and teach stank how to poop in the potty (he will pee all day in the potty but will not poop)!!! Many ppl have asked Who is Stank? and How did I come up with that name?

First Stank is my 2y/o son Robert Alexander II and second when he was much young (lol like 2y/o isnt that young) but whatever he fell in love with Spongebob. I also noticed his diaper didnt smell like the average baby lol (mainly compared to my daughter as a baby). So I would tickle him and StankBob Just popped in my. That is how the new came about...But Just Like Puff Daddy aka Diddy!!! I had to change it up has he was getting older so STANK has stuck!!!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 1 Ova!!!

Ok blogging....its fun but still starting off slow, this is were i usually stop doing it!!! But i will continue since i always let the best off my adhd get to me i will make a goal right here right now...You know what i dont even know how all this works do i post a lot in one day r do i just post once a day??? There is def a lot goin on in my mind/life dat i could talk about...btw hoping my kids industry work permits comes in the mail tomorrow!!!

Short/Long Term Goal: Stick 2 Blogging

Do You Think I Can Do This???

I Have A Job???

Ok in may i filled out an app for target. Got the call a week later to come in for an interveiw r should i say interviews. They were hiring on the spot...first there was test ACED it, Then came the first interview ACED that as well, Next Second interveiw GUESS WHAT??? Yup ACED that also...After all that i was offered the jewelry assoc. position (Reminder Dis Was In MAY)...So June comes I have orientation (& was told i would get trained that following week & a week after store setup!!! Its July I have yet to be trained or even receive a call from management (Really Ppl)!!! The Store doesnt have a GRAND Opening Until July 24th...If I wouldve known all this i wouldnt have taking the job!!!

Only becuz we will be receiving orders soon which means off to alone state (Military LIFE) as soon as the end of August!!! (Right POINTLESS) 
All I wanted was to make a lil extra spending money!!! 

Mama Of 2+ADHD+Military Wife= Ahhhh...: Popping My Blog Cherry

Mama Of 2+ADHD+Military Wife= Ahhhh...: Popping My Blog Cherry: "Ok first this is not my first time trying to blog. The first time i was very excited about doing it. This was over a year ago. I tend to do ..."

Popping My Blog Cherry

Ok first this is not my first time trying to blog. The first time i was very excited about doing it. This was over a year ago. I tend to do that a lot start something then get excited about something totally different. So with this first post im hoping to start the first of many!!! kisses