Friday, December 2, 2011

Unemployment Compensation for Military Spouses

As most of you know I am a military spouse and so far I left 3 jobs because of orders so this made me very happy.

Last Updated: November 21, 2011
NCSL Staff Contact: Heather Morton

"Military families often face frequent moves and these moves can add unique financial pressures, as spouses may have to leave their employment due to a military transfer and the families may face a reduction in income. Generally speaking, when an individual leaves a job voluntarily, then the person is ineligible for unemployment benefits. Recognizing that spouses of military service personnel who quit their jobs due to a military transfer may not be quitting so “voluntarily,” state legislators have amended unemployment compensation laws to help military families who are relocating between states. In several states, state legislators deem it good cause if military spouses leave their employment to follow their spouses in a military relocation, and thus eligible for unemployment benefits."

NOTE:  NCSL is unable to provide advice or assistance to military members, military spouses, private citizens or businesses regarding unemployment compensation benefits.  Please contact your state department of labor or a private attorney for more information

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