Sunday, July 31, 2011

Been VERy Busy!!!

The past week has been non stop....

Monday i ran errands relaxed fa 2 seconds then off to work...until CLOSE

Tuesday the hub woke me up at 5:30 to get ready fa our drive to San Diego fa a mini soon as we got there we were off to the San Diego Zoo

                                                                   Climbing in Bamboo LOL

Petting Zoo

After finally leaving the zoo we headed to the children's art museum...

Then we go to the the San Diego Navy Base just to have a look at, it seems like when you're a military fam you take a min to check out other military bases to see how def the are compared to where you are stationed. And i def love San Diego base way better then Port Hueneme Base. Soo after leaving the base we decided to visit an old roommate. Then drive an hour to our timeshare rental in the county (my hub wanted something relaxing and out of the city)...And it def was...

The kids slept on the pull out bed and LOVED it lol, now my daughter wants a princess couch that turns int o a bed. we def slept good that night.

Now Wednesday, we woke up between 9-10 decided to have breakfast at IHOP (it was just ok nothing big) then off to SEAWORLD...

Feeding the sea lions...birds were stealing the food BAD BIRDS Lol

When hot cool off with a lil water...maybe if the kids who felt like they needed to hold the water down my kids wouldve actually got wet!!!

Had to pose with Emo & Grover 

Peek A Boo

Dolphins & Killer Whales (We wur in the soak zone Lol) 

4D Movie Awesome

Thursday we slept til 10, got dressed checked out of the suite then back to Ventura we went...My hub and i were Soooooo tired the kids Not So Much...

Then there was FRIDAY, SATURDAY, & SUNDAY (TODAY)... I worked NON STOP This Weekend!!! My feet are killing me i def need to find sum SUPER CUTE comfortable shoes becuz my feet are always in major pain during and after work. After 2 hours the shoes i wear does  my no justice!!!

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