Thursday, July 21, 2011

OMG Finally!!!

WE'RE MOVING (Sept2011)

Ok so we finally got his orders and it looks like we're moving to WASHINGTON D.C. Im def excited about exploring a different place, but sad that i will be leaving Cali (I love the beach and so do the kids). On the bright side there will be a beach wur we're moving but not ask close the several we live by now!!!

Unlike when we move here to Cali & lived off base in DC we def will live onbase. I always here bad thing about living onbase but i wanna discover it all for myself. "Drama find you if you allow it to" (Angel L. Escobedo) LOL . The base we decided to live on is an army base Fort Belvoir located in Northern VA but only 20mins from DC. Its very beautiful and ive only seen pics i cant wait until i see it in person. Another plus is that Ana's school is onbase.


Stank can care less what is going on but Ana keeps looking at the pros & cons. Mainly these two things below is what she has been talking about.

1. She doesnt want to leave her school here but is excited to meet new friends at the new school.
2. We have to drive across county she doesnt like that but again happy becuz she gets to she family when we stop in st. louis.


I was going to control writing but im bored right now and need to move out of this spot. It's so hard to sit here right now LATER

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  1. I lived on base in Cali, and I hated it. All I had was drama. I was not out looking for it, but it came to me. I'm sooo much happier being out of the military! I hope no drama comes from you living on base but good luck. It will happen. Unless you don't make friends with the people on your street. I hope it you have an easy move, and the kids adjust to transition. BTW you will have Williamsburg and Busch Gardens close by too!!