Friday, July 8, 2011

What R Ur Kids??? (The Things Ppl Ask)

Many ppl just look at my kids and ask if there dad is white. I really get offered by those type of things, yes my kids (well our kids) blonde hair & blue eyes. FYI they are multiracial meaning they her mixed with so much that they are unique in every way.

The Most Crazy Question I Have Been Asked??

Q: Does Your Daughter Wear Contacts? This was asked when my daughter was 2y/o and they only child

I had sum lady come up to me telling me my kids need to wear sunglasses becuz there eyes cant take it...mind you she thought my kids were albino

I def feel like why are they worried about my kids...KEY WORD: MY not they're

Have You Even Had Someone You Know Nothing/Never Seen Try In Tell You How To Raise Your Kids Or Wanna Know Everything About Them?


  1. Your kids are gorgeous! I can't believe someone would have the gonads to ask questions like that!

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  2. more people than a few are like that.i believe it makes them feel good to know they can say things out there mouth thanks to that good ol right,freedom of speech.things is sometimes you just need to shut the hell up or just not say anything at all.ignorance is all the rave these many people aren't thinking.