Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Military Confuses ME!!!

So as some of you my know (and for those who have no clue). My hub is in the military, he reenlisted but has yet to receive his orders. We know for a fact that we will be moving from West Coast (So Cal) to EAST Coast (DC District). Yes BIG difference in location, i have no clue how we will adjust. I have to say im pretty use to meeting friends then having to leave. But back on to the topic ok i was told were leaving the end of august. I would think they would let use know whats up a couple months b4 hand!!!

But what if we still haven't gotten ORDERS???

I Choose 2 Live Dis Life But DAMN A Lil Heads Up Would Be Nice!!!

On the bright side we get to visit our entire family in St. Louis on the way!!!! Yayyyyyyy


  1. hun you already know how the military is :/ your on there time,even when there time could mean super late,taking forever.shame but comes with the title unfortunately.hoping you guys find out something AND soon

  2. We came from East Coast (MCAS Cherry Point) to Hawaii (MCBH Kaneohe Bay.) Huge difference!! Hope you get some notice and hope its a smooth transition for yall!

  3. I def hope we get them soon, becuz i already have the school picked out for Ana...and yea a smooth transition would be great!!! Thnx Ladies