Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Have A Job???

Ok in may i filled out an app for target. Got the call a week later to come in for an interveiw r should i say interviews. They were hiring on the spot...first there was test ACED it, Then came the first interview ACED that as well, Next Second interveiw GUESS WHAT??? Yup ACED that also...After all that i was offered the jewelry assoc. position (Reminder Dis Was In MAY)...So June comes I have orientation (& was told i would get trained that following week & a week after store setup!!! Its July I have yet to be trained or even receive a call from management (Really Ppl)!!! The Store doesnt have a GRAND Opening Until July 24th...If I wouldve known all this i wouldnt have taking the job!!!

Only becuz we will be receiving orders soon which means off to alone state (Military LIFE) as soon as the end of August!!! (Right POINTLESS) 
All I wanted was to make a lil extra spending money!!! 

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