Monday, July 18, 2011

No Longer A SAHM!!!


OMG since my last post i have started my training and go a full schedule. Tomorrow is our VIG (very important guest) night/soft opening!!! Its goin to be great hopefully i will be able to share pictures of the awesome building. Mos def the best target building i have ever seen. The major will be cutting the ribbon at 5, the will be food, games, clown (scary lol), face painting and more. My kids r def excited about seeing whur mama works...The sad part i just started working hur and my hub orders should be coming in this week so i will be finding out when we leave exactly!!! But at the same time im soooo excited to move to the place we're relocating to!!! i def think its win win!!!


I Think the kids r takin it well that am working now, but Ana says she cried becuz i went back to work!!! Personally I think my hub made her mad and she wishes I was home. But i def got showered wit xoxo's when getting home (big wet kisses from stank).

Well im pretty tired signing off for now!!! kisses

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