Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Things R Happening!!!

Ok maybe NOT idk, but im thinking about calling my doctor and letting him in on the fact that i have ADHD and was diagnosed in 5th grade. Def not sure what he will say (Im basically confused). Will he make me see a therapist? WHAT SHOULD I DO????? I dont have much to stay becuz im tired.....

On another note both my kids have been bitten by some type of bug, more so my daughter then my son.  I took both of them to the doctor yesterday the doctor has no clue what has been biting them but suggested benadryl and calamine lotion. Here is a picture of my daughter, she says it itches but doesnt hurt at all....What Do You Think It Is?


  1. Girl when I was little I was allergic to everything and was bitten by everything. I practically lived on benedryl and calamine lotion. I'm not sure what kind of bite that is though. You should make yourself a schedule of things to do all day, maybe that will help you with the ADHD. You probably just need to keep yourself busy and entertained.

  2. LOL thnx i def need to be entertained